Partner since 2005 in IT services, Philippe Parmentier and Guy Kastenbaum created the R & D 3D association in 2013 in France and the Fundación Materializaciòn 3D in Colombia in 2014 to develop projects in the field of research and development. 3D experimentation in collaboration with makers of DIY / DIT and fragile populations.

The genesis

Gradually, they formed a network of Fablabs of a new kind in Colombia and around the world.
Led by people who are disabled or socially marginalized , these Fablabs manufacture their machines directly, recycle their raw materials (plastics, at first), make most useful and personalized objects to improve their daily life (especially prostheses). Utopiamaker stems from this experience during which Philippe Parmentier conceptualized the utopiamaker project in his manifesto in 2015. He then created the concept of reverse inclusion in 2017.

Creation of Utopiamaker association

In January 2018, Philippe Parmentier and Guy Kastenbaum created the Utopiamaker association in Marseille.
They outline the social network. An organization whose exchange value is the sharing of time and the creation of wealth cooperation among all. The application is put online at the end of January 2019.

The team

The team is made up of all the first members of the association and is, of course, evolutive. We show you the most active members below