Some lose it, some gain it. The popular proverb says: time is money.We can’t control it, we can’t stop it, but to a point we can use it whatever way we please…

Utopiamaker proposes to use time sharing as an unit of wealth creation for all.
It is about organizing our exchanges with this common and individual wealth : time. Any individual, regardless of his social position, will find beneficial solutions.Values ​​such as “Freedom, Equality and Solidarity” will rest on our common good: the time, the one we have available in the relationship with others, each at its own pace.

Services granted between people, allow significant savings compared to the conventional market.
Each exchange will improve the purchasing power of its members and enable the adoption of smarter and healthier modes o consumption and production.

Beyond the benefit of service exchange, let’s create wealth by participating in social collaborative projects, providing those who need it or want it with ongoing training, livelihoods and recreational activities.

The real-time transmission of our knowledge, the development of our free technologies will be our engine of innovation. As part of the process, which we have called: “reverse inclusion”, a population considered “excluded” will be given the means to acquire the knowledge and technology it needs to ensure its self-sufficiency and become a self-reliant transmitter of innovations to a greater number.

At first, the first members will have the vocation of building together the bases of our community and to experiment the exchanges which will feed the database of the IA which will enable us to visualize the situation, to analyze and to regulate our growth.

Complete your personal information to access your profile.

  • Choose the beneficiary from the list of beneficiaries and specify your financial contribution (minimum donation € 3).
  • Choose from the list of services the ones you want to offer or create a new option.
  • Similarly, choose from the list of services the ones you want to receive or create a new option.
  • Social time will be credited for each action taken in the community, time spent or financial donation.
  • The social time unit selected is 20 minutes. 3 social time units represent one hour of active collaboration.
  • The social times acquired will be the means to receive time in return offered by members of the community.

The social times are attributed to the first-time members as soon as the registration is validated in proportion to the contribution (ex: 3 € = 3 units of time).
Once activated, the declaration of sharing, is enough to complete one’s profile; to determine his or her contribution to the community and what one would like to receive.
From this moment, you can start using your social time credits and benefit from the offers within the community.
Start by browsing the list of members who offer the services you expect, look for common interests, and contact them.
Similarly, kindly respond to requests from members interested in your offers.
You will receive new social times as a result of donations or services you have granted.
2/Donations of time or money:
You can also finance or donate your time to a joint or individual project previously validated by the members.
The system will pay you directly by social times corresponding to donations or service times granted.
In the case of financial donations, one €uro will go into the common pot of the network, the rest will be transferred in full to the beneficiary, person or project. (2 €uros for 3 paid or 99 €uros for 100 paid).
Everyone can propose a personal project or common good that meets a basic need and which respects the ethics of Utopiamaker.
The project will have to be studied and approved by the members who present themselves as specialists of the proposed subject matter.

In addition to promoting the gift economy and collaborative exchanges, let’s remain vigilant about our priorities:

    • Everyone’s commitment to cooperative work is voluntary. Its engine is passion, creativity, and socialization.
    • Our purpose is to find and share solutions to meet the needs of everyone, especially the most vulnerable.
    • To inform and remind everyone of their rights, ensuring that everyone can enjoy them fully in the community.
    • All financial donations or social- time-swap transactions are booked and listed in a transparent and unalterable way in the accounting journal, for later registration in the blockchain.
    • To free oneself from the use of hierarchical authority to co-ordinate common activities, substituting direct co-operation as the principal modality.
    • In no case can joint production be privatized in order to profit from it.
The bet: Our bet is that each being is a creator by nature and that they can use technology, without becoming dependent on it, in order to, refocus all their energy on human development and to innovate for the common good, while, remaining detached from their creations.
The program: Establish a mechanism for creating wealth through sharing and collaboration. the end result will be to create the conditions that liberate the individual from the economic and technological measures of this mechanism.
The strategy: Call for the evolutionary creativity of all. Research and continuous innovation fueled by reverse inclusion. Decentralization by the blockchain for the control of the transactions, the P2P for the transfer of knowledge and contents with a regulation assisted by the AI ​​ (artificial intelligence).

“A map of the world that does not include Utopia is not worth even glancing at, for it leaves out the one country at which Humanity is always landing. And when Humanity lands there, it looks out, and, seeing a better country, sets sail. Progress is the realisation of Utopias.” – Oscar Wilde